The French Society for the Study of lipids (SFEL) is a non-governmental, non-profit scientific society founded in 1943. Its main objective is to engage in all activities intended to promote scientific interactions and collaborations between national and international searchers from industry and academic in the field of lipids. For this purpose, our activity is essentially directed toward organization of hot topic meetings “les Journées Chevreul” each year and participation as co-editors as well as publications providers for the bimonthly OCL journal (Oilseeds and fats, Crops and Lipids, www.ocl-journal.org/), a french peer-reviewed full Open-Access scientific journal devoted to fats and lipids.

           Since 2007, the SFEL organize each 4 years an international conference held in Paris “Lipids & Brain Journées Chevreul” with the participation of several European scientific associations (2007 DGF, 2011 Norway L&B, 2015 SCI). Over a period of 3 days, “Lipids & Brain” conferences examine the latest findings in this field of research from leading researchers into both fundamental and applied research on the metabolism of FAs and PUFAs within the brain and the retina, with a focus on neural pathologies. They provided an opportunity to extend our knowledge in these fields of research and on the relationship between nutrition, FAs, lipids and central nervous system function during development and ageing. They have also honoured with the French “CHEVREUL Medal” Dr Stanley I. Rapoport (Bethesda, USA) and Pr. Nicolas G. Bazan (New Orleans, USA) and Dr Crawford (London, UK) for their pioneering research.

           Lipids & Brain conferences have now become a benchmark in this field of research, the only one in Europe to date, and is backed by all international societies.

          This year, only two years after the large success of the last one in 2015, we organize in Lorraine University a special Lipid and Brain IV dedicated to “Lipids in Alzheimer disease”. We will examine the latest findings in this world growing disease with the objective is to assemble the medical community and the scientists and to improve connections, discussions and exchanges between physicians, nutritionists and fundamental scientists, in an attempt to develop prevention and treatments of this human pathology. Moreover, the SFEL has decided to honour a scientist who dedicated his carrier to a very original research in this field: Pr Stephen Cunnane (Université Sherbrooke, Canada) by the French Chevreul Medal 2017.

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